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Two Types of Fun Exterior Home Decorations



Designing your exterior with a fun and interesting theme can bring out the best in your landscape. Here are two unique garden themes to consider.

Gnome Garden

The 2011 movie Gnomeo and Juliet had the right idea when it came to exterior home decorations. Gnomes can bring your landscape to life just because they’re fun, colorful and unique.

Gnomes originated in Scandinavia. However, many cultures like Germany use them in their folklores. They often come in wood but you can find some made with porcelain. This is something you can think about when obtaining yours. Porcelain may last longer in rainy areas than wood because it doesn’t rot when wet.

If you want to add gnomes to your garden, choose a variety of images. Although most gnomes look like little men with beards, you can find statues made in the images of women and children. You can easily establish a gnome town or community.

Here are Other Gnome Ideas to Use for Your Decorations:

  • Gnome with dragons: These statures feature a female or male gnome sitting alongside a friendly dragon.
  • Drinking gnome: This type of gnome often comes with a beer mug and pipe.
  • Checker playing gnomes: If you really want to add a fun decoration to your yard, choose gnomes playing checkers or chess. The statues generally feature two gnomes sitting opposite of each other on mushrooms or toadstools.


Unicorns are other creatures of ancient folklore that bring magic to boring landscapes. They usually come in white, but you can find exterior decorations in black, blue and gold to match your property’s theme. Speciality stores like sell many of these unique and colorful statues. And they may even feature a gnome or two.

In addition, Unicorns May have a Number of Interesting Features:

  • Made with concrete, which lasts longer in heat and moist conditions
  • Sealed and waterproofed with a acrylic or laminate for added protection
  • Detailed with sparkles, shine or other features

Your unicorns also come in different sizes. So if you want to make a unicorn herd, consider purchasing items in sizes larger than 8 inches tall. They may stand out more in your garden, patio or other location.

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