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The right choice: 3 things to ask your aluminium door contractor



Aluminium bifold doors are one of the best options for your home. They are a durable and stylish option that ensures enhanced insulation and increased longevity, providing the home with one of the best designs for comfort and elegance.

When installing the best aluminium bifold doors Perth has available, it’s important to ask your contractor a few questions to ensure that you will both be on the same page when it comes time for installation.

Be sure to ask your contractor these three important questions:

  1. Do they have testimonials

A top quality contractor will have three things at their disposal:

  1. A list of positive Google reviews, and;
  2. Customer testimonials, and;
  3. References

In the digital era, the first place to look when searching for your contractor is through Google. Just simply search aluminium bifold doors Perth and you should be able to find an installation expert.

Next, their website should have a few testimonials that state just how good a job they do on people’s homes. Finally, the person should be able to provide you with a list of references (happy clients) that you can get in touch with to discuss the job they provided and how good a job they did on their home.

  • How long is your average lead time?

The lead time is the time taken between the projection’s initiation and its completion. This time can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the ordering of specific designs and non-standard colours.

When you inquire about their lead time, most contractors can typically come out and start work that day, with some contractors being able to commence work immediately.

This sounds great, but it may also mean they don’t have the experience or reputation to produce consistent clients, and this can often be to your home’s detriment.

Finally, if a contractor tells you they will put you ahead of a client that is already awaiting their service, this often means that the contractor is simply trying to close the deal with you whilst placing a prepaid client at the back of their queue.

If they are happy to do this to a client that has already paid, they might be happy to do this to you, too. It just shows that they are simply in it for the money and don’t care about their client’s project outcome.

      3. Can they deal with lead paint?

Many pre-1970s homes contain lead paint which makes them a project risk. Therefore, it is important to ask your contractor if they and their team are trained in safely dealing with lead paint.

An experienced team shouldn’t have any troubles containing lead dust when installing a new door, so if they don’t have any experience with it then they are at risk of allowing the lead dust to spread throughout the home.

Regardless, there are Australian industrial standards regarding projects that contain a risk of lead paint. Your contractor should be more than aware of these risks and happy to comply with said regulations.

You’re now set for the job!

These three simple questions can provide you with a lot of information when it comes to choosing the right installation team. If they can answer these questions clearly and concisely then they are likely to be the team that is going to do an outstanding job installing your stunning new aluminium bifold doors!

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