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Need More Rooms In Your Home? Think Outside The Box… Literally



If you’re looking to increase your home’s functional space but are on a budget, don’t get mired in remodeling or trying to shuffle furniture around to make better use of the inside. Instead, extend your home by creating additional rooms outside the walls. How?

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

To begin with, you need to find the best location for an added room. This means finding an area that fits with the inside of the house, such as an outdoor dining room off the kitchen or a closed patio that extends from the existing living room. To find the best location, look out all your windows and doors to see where a room can be organically added and that it has easy access from home. The space doesn’t need to be very large, but it does need to be functional and inviting.

Step 2: Create a Border

If you have a defined patio or deck that you’ll be converting, there’s the advantage of having in place an outdoor room with borders. For maximum use of the room all year long, consider enclosing it with glass or removable window walls. If the space is simply a flat slab or section of the yard, you can create faux ‘walls’ using simple materials like a garden fence, columnar trees, hedges, boulders or container gardens.

Step 3: What’s Underfoot and Overhead

Once you have the space laid out, add in flooring and a roof or covering to protect it from the elements. Depending on your budget, the flooring material might be as simple as flagstones or paving stones or it could be a wood or composite decking material. If using a simple stone or pebble base, edge the area with decorative pavers to give it a classic feeling and to highlight the boundaries of your outdoor room. 

An outdoor room doesn’t require any sort of roof, but a roof can add to the likelihood of getting more use out of it and create a better flow from the inside rooms. If the budget is tight, you can use a lattice roof laced with fast-growing vines or even a tough drapery material over a wooden pole base.

Step 4: Multipurpose It

Now you’re ready to decorate your room to your own taste. To get the most out of your budget, mix new affordable outdoor furniture with fun recycled finds or repurpose some indoor furniture to give it a homey feeling. Check out retailers like Janis’ Gift Shop to get started.

While most outdoor rooms have one primary purpose, consider how you might be able to use the space for other reasons. While you might be creating an outdoor kitchen, for example, add a dining table and a few lounges to maximize the entertainment space. Add some storage to the space to facilitate changes like making an outdoor kitchen counter double as a workstation while gardening or doing family projects.

An outdoor room can add value to your home and increase your family’s enjoyment of it. And since it doesn’t require major renovation, you can change up the space as often or as much as you want. It’s fun and practical and can be started today. For high security, you can use a chain link fence. The company Chain Link Fence Summerville is highly recommended here.

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