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Four Reasons Why Your School Needs a Water Bottle Filling Station



You’ve come up with the brilliant idea of installing a water bottle filling station in your school. That’s great! You now need to convince schools to embrace the idea. We’ve broken down the benefits of bottle filling stations into key points.

You’ll be able to make an undisputed proposal after reading this article that demonstrates how filtered water bottle filling stations can help schools transform the way students perceive and access water.

The Solution To Lead Contamination

Filtered water bottles filling stations are able to provide safe drinking water, which is a key advantage for schools. Most stations have high-performance filters to remove common contaminants like chlorine and lead. One Green Filter, a leading manufacturer of water bottle filling stations, has filtered water bottle filling stations that remove 99.3% of lead from water. Filtered water bottle filling stations offer a better alternative to flushing. This involves manually pushing the lead out of drains every day and pipe remediation.

Superior Drinking Water

Tap water is not all created equal. People will choose tap water over bottled water based on their taste preferences. Although water fountains may seem to promote tap water use, many models are notorious for their unsavory taste and lukewarm temperatures. Water bottle filling stations are equipped with cooling and high-performance filters that can remove chlorine and particulate. These stations purify water and make it taste fresh and clean. They deliver chilled water to the mouth, regardless of where they are located. That’s some good-tasting water.

Healthier Hydration

Around 17 percent of U.S. children are currently suffering from childhood obesity. Why is it that schools continue to spend their money on sugary drinks and vending machines instead of drinking stations? Schools need to prioritize positive lifestyle changes like water intake due to the current health issues affecting American youth. Young children can easily switch to water and form healthier habits. Accessible, safe water makes it easier for students to hydrate more frequently, which leads to increased energy and productivity.

There are steps being taken to improve the quality of childhood health programs in schools across the country. Michelle Obama’s Water: You Are What You Drink campaign emphasizes the importance of water in developing minds and bodies. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act also requires schools to provide safe and accessible water options for students. Filtered water bottles filling stations make compliance easy and provide students with the healthy drinking options they require.

Reduced Waste

While bottled water can be a great way to provide drinking water in schools, long-term environmental costs, as well as the cost of subscriptions, disposal, and long-term maintenance are all much more costly. According to estimates, 80 percent of plastic bottles end up in the dump. They are either burned or disposed of in a landfill. Filtered water bottle filling stations are an alternative to plastic bottles. They encourage tap water use and make safe, healthy water accessible. Many stations have water bottle counters built in that count the number of plastic bottles saved by the station. This is tangible evidence of their impact.

This post was written by a specialist at One Green Filter. One Green Filter is Tampa Bay’s top Water Softener, Purification & Filtration Expert. Our customers chose One Green FIlter because of our consistently high level of service and superior products we use to deliver pure, delicious water to their homes, businesses, and schools across the Tampa Bay area. To schedule a free appointment to test the quality of your water at your convenience click here.

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