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Keep It Simple

Yards packed with lighted statues that scream Christmas theme run amuck are traffic-stopping amusements, but tasteful outdoor holiday decorating consists of large, simple Christmas decorations and attention to balance and fun. Detail is intended for indoor Christmas decorating; the classic outdoor look reigns supreme with large accessories that fill sizeable spaces. Pre-lit swags of greenery adorning doors and windows, pre-lit artificial trees, Christmas light nets over shrubs, rope lights framing windows, outdoor nativity displays, holiday trains, soldiers, nutcrackers, Frosty, Santa, sleighs, and reindeer are forever Christmas. In recent years focus has turned to animated Christmas decorations and inflatable Christmas decorations.

The Kickoff

Choose a holiday theme that complements your home and neighborhood, delights passersby, and expresses your values and sentiment. Sketch out your Christmas decoration plan before shopping for home and Christmas yard decorations. Pay attention to space, and draw on focal points. A systematic approach to outdoor Christmas decorations leads to a professional look. Inventory ornaments and lights, replace damaged bulbs and cords and consider LED Christmas lights with energy-saving built-in timers. Kick-off the holiday season with a lighting party for family and friends.

Front-Door Welcome

Use lights to illuminate a path to the front door. Depending on the decorating theme and the size of your entryway, a Santa display, a snowmen display, or a nutcracker display make perfect holiday greeters. In the interest of safety, hang shatterproof Christmas balls and ornaments at entrances. To eliminate dangerous cords, use battery-operated lights on front door wreaths. A Christmas wreath on a front door symbolizes immortality in its unending circle, victory and strength over life’s challenges, and love of mankind.

The Magnificence of Christmas

Holographic yard art, illuminated adornments, and majestic monuments of holiday lore give visual presence to the spirit of Christmas. Outdoor Christmas decorations individualize holiday traditions, shouting your holiday message from the lawn, or from the rooftop. From bells to bows, each Christmas decoration holds a specific meaning.

  • Red symbolizes sacrifice.
  • Stars represent fulfilled prophecy.
  • Candles are reminiscent of the Star of Bethlehem.
  • Bells guides lost sheep back to the flock.
  • Evergreen trees represent everlasting life.
  • Christmas Bows signify bonds of goodwill.
  • Candy cane decorations replicate shepherds’ crooks, pulling lost sheep back into the fold.

Exterior lighting

Planned explicitly and independently for your home or business, let Christmas Decorating Services change your property. Our professional design and installation team knows exactly how to enhance and compliment any premises. Each job is tailor-made to the individual property and using only the very latest low-energy LED lighting, we will create a stylishly festive atmosphere and a visually stunning exterior.

Interior decoration

We provide the highest quality interior Christmas design service and the very best in festive decoration. Our incredible Christmas arrangements and sumptuously dressed trees will create a space filled with elegance and style. Our years of experience have afforded us many opportunities to learn how to explore and develop our craft. This results in rooms that never disappoint and always impress.

Event decoration

Our unique combination of knowledge, experience, and skills can be utilized to enhance corporate events, parties, and themed winter weddings. Whether you want Narnia or Winter Wonderland we can help make those magical moments even more memorable.

Christmas tree hire

Alongside the full Christmas decorating service that we provide, we also have a separate stand-alone Christmas tree hire.

After Christmas

Our after-Christmas services can provide alternative styles of event decoration and lighting to the same high standard

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