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Build Your Own Entertainment Center



A small DIY project like building an entertainment center can help you gain the expertise for a bigger project later on. Here are two tips you can use to get started.

Decide Where to Place Your Entertainment Center

The first thing you can do is decide on where you want to place your entertainment center. One good location is the family room because it allows everyone to enjoy your entertainment center once you finish the project. You can also place the center in your den, which makes a great place to movie or music parties.

Complete Your Planning

After you decide on the location of the entertainment center, you need to complete the planning. This includes finding a location in the room for the center and choosing the types of furnishings you want to use:

Room location: Choose an area of the room that places focus directly on your entertainment center. The location should be large enough to support any size entertainment center. If your center turns out to be smaller than the space, you can always fill in the extra space with decorative lighting or plants. It’s better to have more room to work with than not enough.

Type of Entertainment: Now, decide on the type of entertainment you want to present to your family and guests. If you love the movie-theater look, plan your center around that. Choose movies that fit the ages of your children, as well as tastes of your guests. You might decide to make it an all music center and add the latest hits. This part of the planning motivates you to think creatively.

Lighting and Furnishings: People need to feel comfortable using your entertainment center. As such, you need to decide on what type of lighting and furnishings to use. For a home with kids or older adults, choose items that keep the room well lit. This avoids accidents, such as tripping on chairs and other potentially dangerous things. Keep the furnishings comfortable and easy to rise from or sit down in. For adults only, you might like to add a large sofa. A nice bar with stools is also good for adults.

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